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Crufts 2014 was my sixth event where I exhibit, take commissions, sell cards and prints and generally get to meet and greet a huge number of people in a matter of 5 days. I also be showed my entry into the Kennel Clubs Newfoundland exhibition.Crufts 2015 promises to be bigger and even better!!

Crufts usually involves setting up my pre-arranged stand in Hall 1 – 127 on the Wednesday, being by myself and losing my voice by the Friday, being joined by my son Jonathan on the Friday evening and then allowing him to do the talking for the rest of the weekend. I usually get something like two years of work from the show and some of the commissions are international from Europe, America and Asia. I get more commissions for horses at the show than anywhere else, I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and painting Alpacas as a result of Crufts and painted some of the worlds most wonderful and curious dogs, including the Irish Setters of the treasurer of the UK Irish setter society and the Chinese Crested of the President of their society in the UK.

The first year I exhibited at Crufts, I was finishing a painting of 5 horses at the show because it had to be delivered the following week. Every time I picked up the brush and poured a little paint, people would stop to watch and soon a hundred eager eyes would be watching every stroke until I had to stop and explain what I was doing. The audience melts away as I take commissions and an hour later I would return to this little mound of now dry paint to start the process again. By the end of the day the little mound has grown into a rock hard dollop!

If you are coming to Crufts 2015 please drop by and say hello.



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