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If you would like to commission a painting of your pet(s), my standard sizes of canvas are;

20 x 16" usually for one animal

24 x 18" usually for two dogs or one horse

36 x 24" usually three to five dogs or two horses

40 x 30" up to five large dogs or horses

and either 16 x 16", 20 x 20" or 24 x 24" for a face portrait like the Springer.

You need to assess the size of canvas for the wall you want to display the painting, decide on a target delivery date such as a birthday, anniversary, etc and whether it is to be a secret or not. I will paint the picture to go with your decoration and light source in the room. If possible I will come to meet the animals and see the wall where you intend to display the painting, otherwise we can do this by a series of photos via email. Ideally I need the following digital (preferably) photographs to work from:

- 45 degrees looking left to right showing both eyes

- 45 degrees looking right to left showing both eyes (these show me the markings and relative dimensions of the muzzle)

- one taken indoors of the true eye colour

- at least one taken outdoors of the coat colour

I do not normally paint the photo but create a unique view of your pet from this series of sources of reference. At every significant stage of the painting I will then email you a draft for your assessment and agreement so there are no surprises!

Please go to Contact Dave for a quotation if you wish to commission a painting of your pet and to ensure that the commission is feasible in the timescale. The prices range from £300 upwards.

Why a portrait of a pet?

A friend of mine got a hole-in-one at Barton on Sea golf course in 2006 and asked me to paint the scene, but a week later he rang up to say could I hold that painting as his faithful, 16 year old, black labrador had just died and wondered if I could paint that first; he had 2 photos, an A4 black and white and a blurred, coloured  6 x 4! I didn’t have the heart to say I’d never painted a dog, so after a week of trying to make the painting look like a dog and another week to make it look like his dog, I was rewarded with tears of joy and amazement from him and his wife. I haven’t stopped painting peoples animals since, especially dogs and I thank God for the gifts he has given me.

Animals and pets become part of our family. Their lifespan is altogether shorter than ours and yet in that short space of time they can bring joy, laughter, love, friendship and consequently many happy memories. I try to capture the best of their features and characters in paintings which are designed to brighten a room and your life. With a painting you can get the image to be much more 3D than current photography and printing do and you can make the image "live". Photos tend to be "nearly ideal" or manufactured to look ideal and require a series to portray all manner of a pets characteristics; a painting can include all those characteristics and that spark which makes it your pet!

Its ideal when I can meet them and get to know them a little but as in the story above its not always possible. So my work is best known for painting a number of animals on one canvas which is difficult to do in a photo, especially if some of them have passed away!!

The list to date includes dogs, cats, horses, alpacas, elephants, tigers and a hamster! I paint something in the region of 50 animal portraits per year. Please go to the Gallery to see more.


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