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5th - 8th November Alpha Painting Holidays WyeValley November 2018

26th - 28th June Alpha Painting Holidays WyeValley June 2018

10th Feb Petersfield Art Society Sea and Sky Workshop

15th Feb Cuckfield Adventurers Art Society Forestscapes

7th - 12th March Crufts - Hall 1 Stand 127

17th March Arun Art Society Sea and Sky workshop

19th April Farnborough Art Society Ethereal Landscapes

25th - 28th June Alpha Painting Holiday Ethereal Landscapes and Sunsets

24th - 26th July New Forest Show

18th - 25th August ABC Open Hampshire Studios BH25 5AA

October Launch of Dog Portraits in Acrylics - email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for signed copy and two free greetings cards

1st October Burley Art Society Animal Portraits  Workshop 1

8th October Burley Art Society Animal Portraits  Workshop 2

25th October Petersfield Art Society Sunsets or Animal Portraits?

5th - 8th November Alpha Painting Holidays Animal Portraits

10th November Bognor Regis Art Society Animal Portraits demo

12th November West Moors Art Society Animal Portraits

15th November Farnborough Art Society Dog Portraits


26th January Petersfield Art Society Animal Portraits Workshop

7th February Warsash Art Society Animal Portraits Demo

22nd February St Wilfs Cowplain Animal Portraits Workshop

6th - 11th March CRUFTS


11 January Christchurch Art Guild Sunsets

21 Jan Arun Art Society Sea and Sky

25 Jan Rowlands Castle Art Animal Portraits

26 Jan Petersfield Art Soc Forestscapes

30 Jan - 3 Feb Rhinefield

27 Feb - 3 Mar Rhinefield

9 - 12 Mar CRUFTS

25 Mar Totton Art Society W/shop Sea and Sky

27 - 31 Mar Rhinefield

10 Apr West Moors Art Soc Sea and Sky

24 - 29 Apr Rhinefield

24th April 12.30 - 5.30pm - Rhinefield Workshop Sea and Sky

Contact Emma Chapman or 01590 625627

29 Apr Bognor Regis Art Society

6 May Felpham Art Society Workshop

13 May Fleet Art Soc Seascapes Workshop

20 May Bognor Art Soc Workshop

23 - 25 May ALPHA PAINTING HOLIDAY @ WELLS 01934 733877

26 - 30 June Rhinefield

26th June 12.30 - 5.30pm - Rhinefield Workshop Landscapes

Contact Emma Chapman or 01590 625627

25th - 27th July NEW FOREST SHOW - Craft Tent C

12 Sept Warminster Art Soc

18 - 23 Sep Rhinefield Rhinefield

18 Sept 12.00 - 5.30pm - Rhinefield Workshop  Stormy Seas

Contact Emma Chapman or 01590 625627

29 Sept St Wilfs Art Society

11 Oct Brushes Art Society Worthing

23 - 27 Oct Rhinefield Rhinefield

23rd Oct 12.00 - 5.30pm - Rhinefield Workshop Acrylic Abstracts

Contact Emma Chapman or 01590 625627

27 - 1 Dec  Rhinefield

27th Nov 12.00 - 5.30pm - Rhinefield Workshop Acrylic The Robin

Contact Emma Chapman or 01590 625627


2nd February - Milford on Sea Seascapes

22nd February - Rhinefield Workshop FORESTSCAPES Contact Katie Woodcock or 01590 627641

22nd - 26th February - Rhinefield

9th - 13th March Crufts

21st April - Shoreham Art Society Seascapes

23rd April - Felpham Art Society Animal Portraits

25th April - Rhineifleld Workshop SEASCAPES Contact Katie Woodcock or 01590 627641

25th - 29th April - Rhinefield

6th May - Charminster Art Society Abstracts?

18th May Wimborne Art Society Sunsets

23rd - 27th May - Rhinefield

26th May - Fareham Art Society Animal Portraits

13th June - Southampton Art Society Sunsets

27th June - Rhinefield Workshop ABSTRACTS Contact Katie Woodcock or 01590 627641

27th June - 1st July Rhinefield

18th - 22nd July - Rhinefield

26th - 28th July- New Forest Show

9th September - St Wilfs Cowplain Abstracts

19th - 23rd September Rhinefield

17th October - Rhinefield Workshop SUNSETS Contact Emma Chapman or 01590 625627

17th - 21st October - Rhinefield

26th October - Totton Art Society Sunsets

15th November - Salisbury Art Group Forestcapes

22nd November - Inspire Andover Sunsets

28th November - Rhinefield Workshop ELEPHANT Emma Chapman or 01590 625627

28th November - 2nd December Rhinefield

29th November Warminster Art Society - Seascapes

All Done 2016

12th January - Rowlands Castle Seascapes

All Done 2015

30th Nov - 4th Dec Rhinefield Exhibition

30th November Rhinefield Workshop "Robin in Acrylics" 12.30 - 5.30pm To book please call Katie at the Rhinefield – 01590 625623

24th November Inspire Andover workshop "Robin in Acrylics"

14th Nov Winchester Art Societies "Forestscapes"

3rd Nov Lancing Art Society Animal Portraits

30th Oct St Wilfreds Art Group "Sunsets in Acrylics"

19th - 23rd Oct Rhinefield Exhibition

19th Oct Rhinefield Workshop "Sunsets in Acrylics" 12.30 - 5.30pm To book please call Katie at the Rhinefield – 01590 625623

21st - 25th Sept Rhinefield Exhibition

22nd Sept Waterside Art Group Seascapes

21st Sept Rhinefield Workshop "Sea and Sky in Acrylics" 12.30 - 5.30pm To book please call Katie at the Rhinefield – 01590 625623

12th Sept Fleet Art Society "Seascapes"

8th - 20th Launch of New Book "Sea and Sky in Acrylics" at the TIC Bournemouth

28th - 30th July New Forest Show

13th - 17th July Rhinefield Exhibition

13th July Rhinefield Workshop Au Plein Air 12.30 - 5.30pm To book please call Katie at the Rhinefield – 01590 625623

22nd - 26th June Rhinefield Exhibition

15th June Hengist Art Society Sunsets

18th - 22nd May Rhinefield Exhibition

18th May Rhinefield Workshop "Forestscapes" 12.30 - 5.30pm To book please call Katie at the Rhinefield – 01590 625623

30th April LMM Barton talk

20th April Rhinefield Workshop "Pathways" 12.30 - 5.30pm - To book please call Katie at the Rhinefield – 01590 625623

18th April Hayling Island Robin

16th - 20th March Rhinefield Exhibition

4th - 8th March Crufts Hall 1 Stand 127


10th Feb Brave Art Society Forestscapes

19th - 23rd Januay Rhinefield

2nd  December Ashley Baptist Church Improvers

1st - 5th December Rhinefield

1st December Rhinefield Seascape Workshop  1 - 5.30pm - To book please call Katie – 01590 625623

25th November Inspire Landscapes in Acrylics

18th November Ashley Baptist Church Beginners

11th November Ashley Baptist Church Improvers

8th November Arlesford Art Society Seascape Workshop
4th November Ashley Baptist Church Beginners
30th - 31st October Stanwells
29th October Arlesford Art Society Seascapes
28th October Ashley Baptist Church Improvers
22nd October Hengist Art Society
21st October Ashley Baptist Church Beginners
14th Octoberr Ashley Baptist Church Improvers
13th - 17th October Rhinefield
11th October Hayling Island Animal Portraits Workshop
7th Octpber Ashley Baptist Church Beginners
1st October Hayling Island Animal Portrait
30th September Ashley Baptist Church Improvers
29th September Burley Art Society "Seascapes" Workshop
25-26th September Stanwells
23rd September Ashley Baptist Church Beginners
22nd September Burley Art Society "Seascapes" Workshop
15th - 19th September Rhinefield
12th September St Wilfreds Art Society Seascapes Workshop
6th May ABC Beginners

19th - 23rd May Rhinefield

4th June Highcliffe Art Society Animal Portraits

9th June Rhinefield Forest Workshop - To book please call Katie – 01590 625623

9th- 13th June Rhinefield

21st June Pelhams Art Society Seascape Workshop

7th - 11th July Search Press Sea and Sky in Acrylics

21st - 25th July Rhinefield

27th - 31st July New Forest Show

6th Feb Milford on Sea Art Society Forest

7th Feb Charminster Art Group Seascapes

17th -21st Feb Rhinefield Exhibition

27th - 28th Feb Stanwell House Hotel

5th - 9th March Crufts

11th March ABC Beginners

12th March Christchurch Art Guild Forest 2

13th March Yateley 2 Sky

24th - 25th March Rhinefield Animal Portraits workshop

25th March ABC Beginners

27th - 28th March Stanwells

8th April ABC Beginners

21st - 25th April Rhinefield

22nd April ABC Beginners

2nd - 6th December Rhinefield Exhibition

2nd December Rhinefield Seascapes Workshop

11th November Wareham Arty Society Forest Landscape

5th November Lancing Art Society Animal Portraits Demonstration

14th - 18th October Rhinefield Exhibition

24th September Portsmouth Art Society Forest Landscape in Acrylics

16th - 20th September Rhinefield Exhibition

19th - 23rd August Rhinefield Exhibition

30th July - 1st August New Forest Show

24th - 28th June Rhinefield Exhibition

15th June Pelhams Art Society Horses in Acrylics Workshop

7th June Guest Artist and Author Patchings Festival Nottingham
18th May Felpham Art Society Seascapes Workshop

13th - 17th May Rhinefield exhibition

13th May Rhinefield Forest Acrylics Workshop

3rd May St Wilfrids Horses in Acrylics Workshop

20th April Hayling Island Art Society Seascapes Workshop

12th April Lymington Art Society Seascapes Demonstration

25th - 19th March Rhinefield

25th March Ready to Paint Horses in Acrylics Workshop Rhinefiled

23rd March Merly Workshop - Animal Portraits

6th - 10th March Crufts

21st - 23rd Feb Stanwell House Hotel Book signing

9th Feb Arlesford Art Society - Animal Portraits Workshop

7th Feb Warsash Art Society - Glazing

1st Feb Arlesford Art Society - Animal Portraits Demonstration

28th Jan - 1st February Rhinefield House Hotel - "Ready to Paint; Horses in Acrylics" Book launch

26th Jan Ringwood Art Society - Animal Portraits

10 - 14th December Rhinefield House Hotel

27th November Inspire Andover Horses

19 - 23rd November Rhinefield House Hotel

12th November Boscombe Art Society Seascapes

9th November Frogham Art Group Seascapes workshop

22 - 26th October Rhinefield House Hotel

15th October Ringwood Art Society Animal Portraits

13th October Odium Art Society Workshop

6th October Odium Art Society Demo

4th October Wimborne Art Society Forest

17 - 21st September Rhinefield House Hotel

13th September Frogmore Art Group


20 - 24th August Rhinefield House Hotel

28th July Mudeford Arts Festival


24 - 26th July New Forest Show

9th July Southampton Art Society (eve) Forest

9th July West Moors Art Society Flora Fauna & Arbor


30th June Felpham Art Society Seascape

17th - 21st June SEARCH PRESS Studio for "Ready to Paint; Horses in Acrylics"

11th June Wareham Art Society Forest - Pre Olympic demonstration


14th - 18th May Rhinefield House Hotel

11th May St Wilfreds Art Society Acrylics Workshop

2nd May Hayling Island Art Society

16th - 20th April Winchester Art Group Forest


29th March Poole and East Dorset Art Society

26th - 30th March Rhinefield House Hotel

7th - 11th March Crufts


22nd February Wimborne Art Society - Animals

13th - 17th February Rhinefield House Hotel

24th January St Andrews Art Group - Term starts

14th January 2012 Winchester Art Group

12th - 16th December Rhinefield House Hotel

29th November Inspire Workshop Andover

24th November Rhinefield Christmas Fair

21st - 25th November Rhinefield House Hotel

14th - 18th November Stanwells Hotel Lymington afetrnoon demos 2pm onwards

17th - 21st October Rhinefield House Hotel

12th October Emsworth Art Society Workshop

19th - 23rd Sept Rhinefield House Hotel

16th September 2011 Romsey Art Group

8th September 2011 Kings Langley Demo for Watford Hospice

27th August 2011 Judging Boscombe Art Society preview

August The Artist Centre's window!, The Pantiles New Milton

30th July 2012 the Saturday Mudeford Arts Festival

26th - 28th July 2012 New Forest Show

11th - 15th July 2012 Rhinefield

1st July 2012 Charminster Artists Animal Portraits

24th June 2012 Fordingbridge Workshop


13th - 17th June 2012 Rhinefield

15th June 2012 Masterclass Animal Portraits Lymington Community Centre 7.30pm as part of Lymington Festival


31st May 2012 Waterside Art Society - Seascapes

11th June 2012 Fleet Art Society - Workshop

25th May 2012 Christchurch Art Society - Seascapes

13th May 2011 St Wilfreds Art Society

3rd -6th May Rhinefield

11th April West Moors Art Society

26th March Ringwood Art Soc Workshop
28th March - 1st April 2011 Rhinefield Exhibition

13th - 17th December 2010 Rhinefield Exhibition

March 10th - 13th 2011 "CRUFTS"

21st February 2011 Ringwood Art Society Demonstration "The Forest"

14th - 19th February 2011 Rhinefield Exhibition

24th January 2011 Hengist Art Society Demonstration "Animals"

17th - 21st January 2011 Rhinefield Exhibition

25th November 2010 Rhinefield Christmas Shopping day
22nd - 24th 2010 - Rhinefield Exhibition
16th November 2010 Inspire Art Society "The Forest"
October 6th 2010 Highcliffe Art Society
October 11th - 15th 2010 Rhinefield
13th September 2010 West Moors Art Society
28th August 2010 Earnley Concourse
16th - 20th August 2010 St Mellion Golf Course Workshops
28th - 30th July 2010 New Forest Show
Profile Published June 2010 "Paint" Magazine SAA
5th - 9th July Rhinefield
26th June Warsash Art Society Workshop
7th - 11th June 2010 Rhinefield
3rd -7th May 2010 Rhinefield
February 2010 Work Published in "Traditional Homes & Interiors" Magazine
Pelhams Art Society Workshop 20th February 2010
Rhinefield House hotel 22nd - 27th February 2010
Crufts 10th - 14th March 2010
Rhinefield House hotel 22nd - 26th March 2010
Article Published Traditional Homes & Interiors February 2010 edition
Wimborne Art Circle 3rd February 2010
Wallop Art Society 4th February 2010
Boscombe Art Society 8th February 2010
Rhinefield House hotel 25th - 29th January 2010
Fleet Art Society January 16th 2010
Alton Art Society December 19th 2009
Rhinefield House hotel December 7th - 11th
Christchurch Art Guild November 25th 2009
Braton on Sea Golf Club November 1st -8th 2009
Charminster Artists October 2nd 2009
Rhinefield House Hotel September 20th -24th 2009
Lee on Solent Art Society September 8th 2009
Rhinefield House Hotel August 17th -21st 2009
Waterside Art Group July 28th 2009
New Forest Show July 29th - 31st 2009 Craft tent B
Rhinefield House hotel June 15th - 19th 2009
Rhinefield House hotel May 11th - 15th 2009
Rhinefield Nr Lyndhurst New Forest Feb 23rd - 27th 2009
Crufts March 5th - 8th 2009 Hall 1 - Stand 127
Rhinefield Nr Lyndhurst New Forest March 16th - 20th 2009
The Kennel Club 2008 Christmas Fair from December 1st to January 9th 2009
Rhinefield Nov 19th - 23rd 2008
Rhinefield Dec 15th - 19th 2008
The Lighthouse Theatre Poole July 2008
*****Highcliffe Castle 5th June - 22nd July 2007*****
Bournemouth Championship Show 7th - 9th August 2008
New Forest Show 24th - 26th July 2007 , 29th - 31st July 2008
Inspire Andover Nov 2007, May 2008
Fair Oak Art Society May 2008
Lymington Art Society April 2008
Hythe Art Group 31st July 2007 7.30 - 9.30pm
Brockenhurst Horse Trials 17th - 19th August
Romsey Show 8th September 2007
"Seas & Trees" One Man Exhibition Highcliffe Castle 31st May -22nd July 2007
Hampshire show Broadlands 26th - 28th May 2007, 27th - 28th 2008
Rhinefield Hotel 12th - 19th March 2007 10am - 5pm
Rhinefield Hotel 12th -19th February 2007 10am - 5pm Painting Commissions
Rhinefield Hotel - 12th - 21st January 2007 10am - 5pm Painting Commissions
Rhinefield Hotel - 13th - 20th November 2006 12midday - 6pm Painting Commissions
Rhinefield Hotel 4th - 11th December 2006
New Life Christian Centre - 9th December 2006
Hordle Church - 4th November 2006 10am - 3pm - Demonstrating as well!!
Rhinefield Hotel Monthly 2005 - October 2006
The Art Shed New Milton for one Month - Mid April - Mid May 2005
Hordle Parish Church opening 5th March 2005
A successful show with the sale of originals and commissions! thanks to Vicki and Brian Jago for the invite!
The Rhinefield Hotel Nr Brokenhurst 12th Feb - 20th Feb 2005
A prestiguous week with a prestiguous staff - sold to South Africa and Zimbabwe as a result!
Calsons Gallery Lymington - November 2004 -
Thanks to Demetris for now stocking DW originals!
ACES 10th November 2004
The first of many craft exhibibitions at New Life Christian Centre an excellent day of demostration with Penny, Kim, Sue Joan and Tony
Cloud Hotel Brokenhurst - November 2004
Many thanks to Avril Outon and the staff of the Cloud for the opportunity to take over the restaurant for a week
Arnwood Practice - New Milton
Permanent display of latest prints are on display in the foyer and the corridors
Focussing – The Gallery - 1st August -
The New Forest giclees will be available from 1st August along with some originals upstairs in the Focussing Gallery in New Milton. Thanks to Russ and Ian, Lou and David for keeping my feet on the floor and for the encouragement!
Bradbeers – New Milton - 17th - 24th July 2004
Thanks to Tony and Pam we took over the walls of the Rendezvous Restaurant with all the current portfolio and the New Forest prints and Seascapes are now available in this home store.
Barton on Sea Golf Club - 10th - 16th July 2004
Thanks to the President and Secretary of the club I was able to exhibit the golf paintings at BOS . First original of the 6th Stroller and the Isle of Wight. Lots of stories shared of peoples experiences at various holes, 3 commissions taken and prints now available in the Pro Shop

A 003
Ayrton rory sophie maddy 155
Barney and bracken 014
Blackwater moon 001
Blackwater prince 001
Bos 2009 073
Caribbean blue 002a
Casey 162
Casey and katie 018
Colour transpose 001
Conrad 012
Dave long 1
David white 42337v2
Light 001
Light 008
Lighthouse 004
Lighthouse 014
Marilyn 001
Montmartre 007
Picture 146
Picture 260
Picture 329
Picture 549
Rhinefield 018
Sam and jack 024
St mellion 001
The british set 020
Toby 2214
Whitefield moor 001